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Betting: Top 5 Wins[/b]

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 10/12/19.

  1. thanhthuy02

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    Betting: Top 5 Wins
    Everyone loves lớn place bets and plenty of us have had amazing wins. But what about those who have won huge amounts after putting down just a miniscule amount of cash? Below, we reveal their stories and the fantastic profits they have made. You can prefer lớn the soccer predict today pages!


    Chelsea Fan Wins £92,944
    Chelsea fan Dean Clay, aged 48, won an astonishing £92,944 after putting down just £2 on an accumulator! Dean predicted the outcomes lớn 14 matches, including wins for his beloved Chelsea,

    Southampton and Crystal Palace.
    He initially thought that he had won £69,882 but later learned the final figure, as he had also won additional bonuses that his bookmakers offered. The win came at a great time for Dean, who had just taken out a mortgage and was expecting his first child.

    A £5 Bet Turns into £116,000
    22-year- old George Wood put £5.05 down on a 10-match accumulator bet and won £116,000. Recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, George needed a boost and he was so confident in his bet that he splashed out on a £17,000 Renault Megane a week ahead of the final fixture being played!

    The final match was Manchester City vs. Bournemouth, and City’s 5-1 victory meant that George was looking at a huge win! He invested his cash wisely into stocks and bonds, and he set up his own business. He also took his son lớn Disneyland and invested a further £1,000 into another lucky accumulator bet!

    Cambridgeshire Man Wins £170,000
    An anonymous 33-year- old man from Cambridgeshire scooped up a huge prize of £170,000 just one week after placing his very first bet! He opened up an tài khoản with his bookmakers lớn try and earn a bit of extra cash, putting his winnings into a savings account for his 5-year- old son. It didn’t take long for him to fill the tài khoản with loads of money after just eight soccer today.

    The man later admitted that he hadn’t realised he’d won such a large sum of money – in fact, he only saw how big his win was after he’d checked his account lớn see the amazing results.


    A £2.50 Bet Turns Into £272,000
    In 2011, one lucky punter won an astonishing £272,000 from a tiny £2.50 bet! The bookmakers Ladbrokes later admitted that this was their biggest payout in history. The anonymous bettor placed a nine-match accumulator, which successfully predicted underdog victories for clubs such as Wolverhampton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers, before finishing with a draw between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona in the Copa del Rey Round of 16.

    Manchester United Fan Wins £500,000
    An unnamed Manchester United fan from Staffordshire won a huge jackpot of £500,000 after betting that Bayern Munich would win the Champions League. He placed just a 30p stake on a 15-event accumulator and won, breaking odds of 1,666,666/1!

    On top of this he rightly predicted the winners of the top five English leagues and three lower Scottish divisions, in addition lớn backing Leicester to win the rugby union premiership and Surrey lớn win the county cricket championship.

    Tell Us Your Story
    Do you think we picked the best betting wins? Let us know your thoughts by writing your comments below or tweet Bet AU to tell us about your favourite betting stories!

    This guest article is brought to you by Bet AU, Australia’s leading website for betting odds and winning tips.
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